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The MIOF provides opportunities for individuals who intend on pursuing a post-secondary education.

History & Mission.

While in attendance at Florida A&M University, Founders Da’juh Sawyer and Dontreal Fletcher wondered why they didn’t see more African American students from their hometown of St.Petersburg, FL, on campus along with them. The discussion to establish the Make It Out Foundation, Inc. began on July 3, 2017 with a conversation focused on generating ideas to raise money for student scholarships. They realized that economics, in addition to exposure and mentorship, influence high school students’ ability to pursue a post-secondary education. The initial goal was to raise a modest $300; however, by leveraging various social media outlets they were able to raise $1,200. This led them to create The Make It Out Foundation (“MIOF”), Inc, a non-profit organization established November 29, 2017. They started this foundation with one mission in mind; to serve and enhance the lives of individuals from the St. Petersburg community by providing financial assistance to those attending Florida A&M University. They awarded seven students from St. Petersburg with almost $200 each in scholarship funds for the 2017- 2018 academic year. To make a greater impact for 2018-2019, they partnered with NFL Veteran Louis Murphy Jr., allowing them to award eight Pinellas County scholars’ with $500 scholarships. As of 2019, they have opened their scholarship and services to individuals from any state who intend on pursuing a post-secondary education at any college, university, or vocational institute throughout the country. To date, they’ve awarded over $25,000 in scholarships and to community efforts throughout the country.  

In addition to raising funds for scholarships, MIOF's Board of Directors and volunteers travel around to neighboring facilities, mentoring children and teens. They each share their personal stories and career paths, highlight the importance of setting SMART goals, and remind students that there is a world outside of the circumstantial bubble he or she may witnesses daily. They have spoken to over 10,000 students through their educational workshops. Furthermore, they’ve coordinated an Annual Back to School Drive, a Hardship Covid-19 Fund, #ScholarshipSunday, Food Supply Drives, a Dress for Success Clothing Drive, assists with internships and job placement, voting initiatives, and much more.

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